FreePoint Connect How it Works

FreePoint Connect Unlocks New Connection Options (Kepware, OPC-UA)

We have taken another huge leap forward with our release of FreePoint Connect, which continues to connect machines of any age, brand, and type but now opens more connection flexibility and allows you to manage machines connected (through FreePoint Connect) right in ShiftWorx! Contact your Sales Representative today to find out more. 

Option One – Connecting through Kepware
Kepware is an industry leading industrial connectivity platform that can aggregate data from your machine controllers and PLC’s and send that data to FreePoint Connect.

Option Two – Connecting directly through the machine controller or PLC
FreePoint Connect allows your machine to directly communicate with ShiftWorx through OPC-UA. This machine to machine communication protocol removes the need for additional hardware to connect.

Option Three – Connecting through our FreePoint remote module (e.g. 4i)
Our “Black Boxes” will continue to provide non-invasive, secure, and reliable connections to any type or age of machine independent of machine PLC’s.

Contact FreePoint today to find out more. 

How FreePoint Connect Works Graphic (Click to Expand)

Freepoint connect How it works graphic


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