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  • Manufacturers worldwide are in pursuit of cost savings opportunities. By using patent pending Industry 4.0 technology, FreePoint Technologies allows manufacturers to collect relevant machine data such as non-value added time. This data can then be used to drive action on the plant floor.

    FreePoint has created an ROI estimator to calculate the operational savings realized by implementing our patent pending machine monitoring systems on your plant floor.

    Take a few minutes to see the potential savings and ROI for your company.

Client Production Minutes Recovered

Client Dollars Saved

How we calculate our client savings counters:

Our “Client Production Minutes Recovered” and “Client Dollars Saved” counters are estimates based on real-world usage data. We calculate an average “savings per time” value for each of our machine installations. This value is used to continuously update counters representing the aggregate savings of all our clients. While we strive to accurately represent our client savings, these numbers may be subject to error and should be considered estimates only. For more information about how FreePoint Technologies Inc can save you time and money, try our ROI calculator or contact a representative today!

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