Machine Downtime Tracking

Downtime Tracking SaaS for Factory Efficiency

Track the Causes of Machine Downtime

Machine downtime will always be a major problem faced by manufacturers and factories. Now with the help of FreePoint’s cutting-edge machine downtime tracking software and analysis technology it’s easy to track, manage and act on the readily available information. FreePoint will integrate seamlessly across your entire factory, quickly hooking up to new or legacy machines and generating a downtime tracking sheet that will give plenty of data for your staff to improve on.

Diagnose Machine Downtime Symptoms

Production downtime tracking is a valuable undertaking for anyone looking to improve their manufacturing process. The first and most crucial step to getting those answers is by harnessing the power of FreePoint’s web-connected and factory-wide machine downtime tracking software.

Quickly Install and Generate Machine Downtime Logs

Managers and workers can now make on-the-spot decisions using their machine downtime log while supervising machine metrics with a quick scan of their display interface. No matter how you choose to present FreePoint’s user interface across your factory, our color-coded machine downtime reporting methods provide a one glance analysis.

Connect and Monitor Any Age Or Type Of Machine

Our sensor technology and machine monitoring software is so versatile and flexible that we can adapt it for any type of machine or process! There is no manufacturing process or equipment that eludes us. Skeptical? Give us a call and we’ll show you! You can test our downtime tracking software free for 30 days.

Send Instant Alerts To Decision Makers

When our system detects reduced productivity or downtime at a machine, a notification is sent across every device connected to FreePoint in your chosen medium (SMS or email). We give you the power to fully customize your machine downtime tracking report, as well as specify your privileged users and the methods for downtime notifications sent through FreePoint.

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Trust FreePoint To Be Your Partner In Equipment Downtime Tracking

Don’t rely on third-party vendors selling you separate equipment and software solutions for every step in your factory’s downtime tracking workflow. FreePoint takes full responsibility for your factory’s production downtime tracking from device connectivity, information storage and data visualization as well as hardware integration and upkeep. Let us give you the power to create a powerful downtime tracking sheet that your whole factory can reference and constantly refine.





FreePoint makes it easy to schedule your free Downtime Tracking Software demonstration which includes a free presentation of our reporting capabilities including our universal machine connectivity. Explore the benefits of instant machine downtime tracking triggers, intuitive visual displays and real-time efficiency monitoring in your factory today.


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