Our Mission

FreePoint was established on the simple notion that every process, in every factory, can and should be monitored and measured.  We work with all levels of manufacturing to create smart factory connections that facilitate detailed data collection and analysis, ensuring that your operational decisions are based on up-to-date and relevant metrics. We strive to help manufacturers cloud-connect their machines, and engage their workforce in the process.

Our Founders

The founders have worked and owned businesses in both the electronic and manufacturing industries. They know, all too well, the frustrations that can impede management and are focused on delivering solutions that facilitate results.

“I co-founded FreePoint, along with Randy Hess, with the idea that connecting machines, even old ones, to data bases shouldn’t be so difficult, and that if information was more meaningful to more people, in real time, that our manufacturing businesses would prosper. And indeed, that’s exactly what FreePoint has done! With over a thousand machines connected, of every age, type and brand, we have been able to help our customers achieve significant productivity improvements – “out of the box”. Our vision is to not only to help you connect to machines, but also with your people, because data, without context or purpose, is not information. People still provide the context, and the purpose. The technology needs to be simple, and the information has to be useful today.

Get started today. Get FreePoint!”

– Paul Hogendoorn


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