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The ShiftWorx Platform

The ShiftWorx Platform

Machine Monitoring, Simplified

ShiftWorx is FreePoint’s cloud-based platform for all applications, enabling the monitoring and analysis of production and operations data through various add-on and built-in applications. Our platform empowers manufacturers to measure, analyze and share production information within the cloud.

ShiftWorx Lite

Basic Machine Monitoring

ShiftWorx Lite monitors each configured machine’s input in your plant and visualizes machine activity for everyone on the shop floor to see. It also enables you to create reports, summaries and track key performance indicators for each machine. ShiftWorx Lite is the base-level version of the ShiftWorx platform, operating from within the cloud and accessible through your web browser.

mes system
mes system

ShiftWorx Standard

Machine Monitoring Meets Downtime Narration

The standard version of ShiftWorx engages operators to tell a richer story of machine activity. In addition to all the functionality included in ShiftWorx Lite, ShiftWorx Standard enables the operator to use the Narrative Module to Narrate on machine performance, providing additional insight using Production Codes that explain machine uptime and downtime. Reporting capability for reason codes, downtime/uptime, and shift reports are also available.

ShiftWorx Plus

Collect More Data to Drive Improvement

ShiftWorx Plus helps manufacturers to collect and monitor machine activity and downtime while tracking variables such as jobs, operator and scrapWith more data at your fingertips than ever before, you can view correlations between job, operator, scrap & machine activity, see the average run time of jobs on a specific machine, determine yields on your part and much more!

mes system

Add-On Solutions

Notifications Screen On An Iphone


Machine Alerts in the Palm of Your Hand

Notifications uses the ShiftWorx platform to enable messages by email or (SMS) text messages when specific criteria are met. These conditions are typically used to identify when a machine is due for preventative maintenance, the machine is off, or not performing as expected.

ShiftWorx API

Revolutionary Connectivity

The ShiftWorx API is a powerful tool that allows your machine and process data to be accessible across different systems. We enable you to send data across the various platforms and programs within your organization, including ERP, MES and MRP to name a few.

FreePoint API Custom Software
digital andon and call box system

Digital Andon & Callbox

All the Benefits of Andon, Without the Cost

We offer a digital Andon & call box solution as an optional add-on! Easy-to-use and customizable, our digital Andon system gives you all the benefits of an Andon solution without the additional costs of wiring, installation or labor fees.

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