Application Notes

Industry-Specific Examples of Machine Monitoring

Every Manufacturer is Different

The application of machine monitoring differs depending on industry. Some manufacturers are more focused on mitigating downtime, while others want more control over their scrap. Browse the different industry applications of machine monitoring to see what IIoT can do for you.

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Bottling Lines

Bottling & filling manufacturers run a continuous process.

By understanding and rectifying their bottlenecks, they can produce more bottles per minute and waste less material.

Tube Mills

As long as steel progresses through the factory line, value is being added.

Sheet metal manufacturers look to monitor the efficiency and productivity of their continuous workflow.

Tool & Die Manufacturers

Tool & die manufacturers run high cost, low quantity production of unique parts.

With an accurate depiction of their machine uptime, manufacturers will be much better positioned to increase production as well as profitability.

Steel Service Centers

Sheet steel service centers look to better understand their machine downtime.

These manufacturers produce low quantity, high cost parts for various jobs using different types of multi-axis cutting machines.

Wire Harness Manufacturers

Wire harness manufacturers operate various machines that produce electrical harness assemblies.

There are far more people involved “hands on” in wire harness production than in most other industries.

Forging Manufacturers

Forging manufacturers shape metal by using calculated force and extreme temperatures.

Forged parts vary in size and can be customized to fit any shape or purpose.

Job Shops

Job shops focus on making specific, often custom products one customer at a time.

It is challenging for these manufacturers to establish baseline metrics.

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