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Your clients and partners are demanding higher output but still insisting on lowering costs every year. Digital technology provides a way to satisfy these client demands as well as a way to expand the market view of your business into new services and strategies. Upgrading to an Industry 4.0 factory also helps smaller or medium sized manufacturers compete with productivity monitoring and minimized downtime.

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industry 4.0 factory

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Connect Your Machines and Compile The Data You Need To Succeed

At the Heart of an industry 4.0 Factory are Cloud Connected Machines and Processes Endlessly Cycling Data to your Digital Network for Analysis, so You Can Continuously Improve!

Industrial Machines 🡆 FreePoint

FreePoint connects to every new and legacy machine and instantly begins compiling real-time and historical records of your factory. You can be on your way to an industry 4.0 factory a matter of days!

industry 4.0 factory

FreePoint 🡆 Any Digital Interface

Your productivity records are transported to every digital interface in your factory and beyond. Our intuitive data visualization methods allow anyone to read and analyze reports.

industry 4.0 factory

Any Digital Interface 🡆 Industrial Machines

Workers and managers collaborate to analyze data, repurposing it into strategies. Data strategies are then applied back into physically connected machines and the process continues.

industry 4.0 factory

woman scanning box in large warehouse man looking at computer screen freepoint technologies

Information Is The Power Of Industry 4.0

The ways you can interpret the newfound data given to you by your connected machines are literally infinite. This means there are limitless ways to improve your factory processes and gain the competitive edge on even your biggest competitors. Turn your factory into an innovative industry 4.0 facility now!

What Results Can You Expect From an Industry 4.0 Factory Upgrade?

industry 4.0 factory

Sustainable Innovation

Once familiar with your new data resources, your factory will become addicted to discovery. Synergy among machines, workers & management will drive innovation.

industry 4.0 factory

Ecosystems of Information

Become experts in process evaluation and data manipulation. Watch as digital technology begins to permeate and improve all divisions and sectors of your business.

industry 4.0 factory

Scale Your Business

Watch as areas of your manufacturing business that you were previously unable to influence become an area for growth. Suddenly, you’ll see your business scaling in unexpected ways.

industry 4.0 factory

Streamlined Processes

Learn from historical data, productivity issues and machine downtime to better test new procedures and minimize errors. You’ll be less afraid to try something new in your smart factory!

We’ve had similar solutions, but it hasn’t been as good as FreePoint’s. Their support staff gets back with questions and answers very quickly. It’s made our transition almost seamless – very easy. Shop foreman’s lives are so much easier now too; in the past, they would have to keep notes in their pockets to keep track of issues on the floor. Now, they get that 100% accurate data, in real-time.

FreePoint is a great team to work with! Paul has a passion for manufacturing and the people he works with.

Paul and his team have been excellent to work with. We have their system installed on all our CNC machines, and it is a considerable benefit to our company, and significantly improves our systems and process on a continual basis.

Great team of people producing a great product, and servicing it well. Excellent company to work with and the product is fantastic.

I have been involved with FreePoint in one way or another since its inception. Very forward thinking folks, with a genuine interest in the growth and prosperity of the North American Manufacturing Sector. The technology and product they offer is top notch, a great solution for machine monitoring in today’s manufacturing environment.





FreePoint makes it easy to schedule your free Industry 4.0 software demonstration which includes a free presentation of our reporting capabilities including our universal machine connectivity. Explore the benefits of instant machine downtime tracking triggers, intuitive visual displays and real-time efficiency monitoring in your factory anywhere in the world, today!


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