Getting Started with IIoT Has Never Been Easier!

A common misconception we hear about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 is that these technologies are still in the future for the manufacturing industry, or just beyond the manufacturer’s grasp today.  Many think digital transformation is too costly, too challenging, or both!

Getting Started is Easier Than You Think

We understand that even for manufacturers who are ready for Industry 4.0, the process can seem overwhelming.  What do I need?  How do I get it?  Where do I begin?  Starting your digital transformation doesn’t have to be so hectic.

With ShiftWorx™ MES Software, Here is All it Takes to Begin Your Digital Transformation:

  1.  Connect Machines / Processes
    • A non-invasive connection via sensors to your machines, tools or processes, and the utilization of patented technology to monitor and visualize data.
  2. Transfer Data to the Cloud
    • The cloud-connection of machines/processes to our ShiftWorx™ MES software through a PC on your shop floor.
  3. Visualize Data
    • The display of the collected data on the shop floor using touchscreens and large screen monitors; or accessible from any device simply using a web browser.

The Sooner, the Better

These first, small steps are really all it takes, and the sooner you can get started – the better!  By deploying these technologies today on your shop floor, you will be able to establish baselines and collect data that will help you make smarter decisions, faster, i.e., educated, data-based decisions that are essential for continuous improvement.

Rather than a months-long process, ShiftWorx™ MES solution can be installed non-invasively to any machine over the course of roughly 20 minutes – without the need for your IT people’s involvement.  Once connected to the ShiftWorx™ MES platform, you can start purchasing whatever tablets, or LCD screens you need to visualize your data and engage your operators on the shop floor.

With ShiftWorx™ MES, this can all happen within 24 hours, and with less than 20 minutes of machine downtime!  To get a quote or schedule a live demonstration, book a demo today!


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