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Scheduling Jobs is Now Easier with ShiftWorx™ MES

Save Time and Money with ShiftWorx™ MES Digital Production Scheduling!

Commonly used spreadsheets or paper-based job schedules are difficult to manage, maintain, distribute, and access.  ShiftWorx™ MES production scheduling provides a centralized digital scheduling solution that significantly improves the speed to optimize jobs and ensure machines / workstations are fully utilized.


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See a Live Demo of ShiftWorx™ MES Next Week at FABTECH 2022!

fabtech 2022


Meet the FreePoint Team and see a demo of ShiftWorx™ MES and the new Production Scheduling add-on November 8-10 in Booth A1917.  Register for free, it’s on us – use the Promo Code “FBGUEST” with this link before November 4, 2022: www.fabtechexpo.com

Paul Hogendoorn, FreePoint’s founder will be sharing FreePoint’s insights in the Smart Manufacturing Track’s Surviving Technology and Labor Challenges in Digital Manufacturing session.  He will be presenting on the “Key Manufacturing Problems Solved by MES SaaS” in your transition to Industry 4.0.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there, safe travels!

Learn more about ShiftWorx™ MES: https://getfreepoint.com/products/mes-software/

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Meet the FreePoint Team at FABTECH 2022!

Another FABTECH is upon us, and we’re excited to be back in person to meet our valued customers and to acquaint with new manufacturing professionals keen on continuous improvement and their advancement to digital manufacturing practices.

Join the FreePoint team from November 8 -10 at FABTECH 2022 in Booth #A1917.  FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event; and it’s returning to the Georgia World Congress Center providing a convenient ‘one-stop shop’ venue where you can meet world-class suppliers, discover innovative solutions, and find the tools you need to improve productivity and increase profits.  There is no better opportunity to network, share knowledge and explore the latest technology, all in one place!

See Paul Hogendoorn’s Presentation November 9th at 9AM in Room B303

fabtech 2022

Paul Hogendoorn, FreePoint’s founder will be sharing FreePoint’s insights in the Smart Manufacturing Track’s Surviving Technology and Labor Challenges in Digital Manufacturing session.  He will be presenting on the “Key Manufacturing Problems Solved by MES SaaS” in your transition to Industry 4.0.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there, safe travels!


Tuesday Nov 8 10 AM — 6 PM
Wednesday Nov 9 9 AM — 5 PM
Thursday Nov 10 9 AM — 4 PM


Register for free, it’s on us – use the Promo Code “FBGUEST” – Register using the link below before November 4, 2022. After this date and onsite, there is a $50 registration fee:


Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30313


Learn more about ShiftWorx™ MES: https://getfreepoint.com/products/mes-software/

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Getting Started with IIoT Has Never Been Easier!

A common misconception we hear about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 is that these technologies are still in the future for the manufacturing industry, or just beyond the manufacturer’s grasp today.  Many think digital transformation is too costly, too challenging, or both!

Getting Started is Easier Than You Think

We understand that even for manufacturers who are ready for Industry 4.0, the process can seem overwhelming.  What do I need?  How do I get it?  Where do I begin?  Starting your digital transformation doesn’t have to be so hectic.

With ShiftWorx™ MES Software, Here is All it Takes to Begin Your Digital Transformation:

  1.  Connect Machines / Processes
    • A non-invasive connection via sensors to your machines, tools or processes, and the utilization of patented technology to monitor and visualize data.
  2. Transfer Data to the Cloud
    • The cloud-connection of machines/processes to our ShiftWorx™ MES software through a PC on your shop floor.
  3. Visualize Data
    • The display of the collected data on the shop floor using touchscreens and large screen monitors; or accessible from any device simply using a web browser.

The Sooner, the Better

These first, small steps are really all it takes, and the sooner you can get started – the better!  By deploying these technologies today on your shop floor, you will be able to establish baselines and collect data that will help you make smarter decisions, faster, i.e., educated, data-based decisions that are essential for continuous improvement.

Rather than a months-long process, ShiftWorx™ MES solution can be installed non-invasively to any machine over the course of roughly 20 minutes – without the need for your IT people’s involvement.  Once connected to the ShiftWorx™ MES platform, you can start purchasing whatever tablets, or LCD screens you need to visualize your data and engage your operators on the shop floor.

With ShiftWorx™ MES, this can all happen within 24 hours, and with less than 20 minutes of machine downtime!  To get a quote or schedule a live demonstration, book a demo today!


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Manufacturing Monitoring and Employee Engagement: How ShiftWorx™ MES Connects the Two

There is very little doubt that manufacturing monitoring software appeals to forward-thinking plant managers, shop supervisors and CEOs for its ability to track production and increase operator efficiency, saving companies thousands of dollars a month.

However, a key benefit (potentially one of the most important features) of manufacturing monitoring that is often overlooked is the impact it has on shop floor operators and employee engagement.  When operators are engaged in the task at hand, they are known to work more efficiently and with more focus. Manufacturing monitoring, when set up properly, provides that type of engagement.


Machine monitoring being used to enhance employee engagement

Having a screen at each machine or workstation, and large screens on the shop floor that display and track the employee’s production statistics empowers the workforce in the following ways:


When an employee’s production is being tracked and recorded, there is a clear sense of accountability for their work.  Creating accountable employees delivers numerous benefits to the company, including superior execution, lower employee turnover, more creativity and innovation.


Gamification is the process of applying and integrating elements of game mechanics in order to motivate participation, engagement, and loyalty.  Gamification takes the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage players and applies them to non-game experiences to motivate actions which add value to your business. ShiftWorx™ MES enables that type of engagement with its ability to keep scores, track progress and display user-statistics.

Consistent Measurement of Performance

Machine Operator Displays his Manufacturing Monitoring Dashboard

In one of our recent blogs, Top 3 Questions Asked About Manufacturing Monitoring, we highlight that one of the questions asked most frequently is, “What do Operators on the Shop Floor Think of Manufacturing Monitoring; is this More of “Big Brother” Watching?”  The feedback we received the most is that operators are in favour of having the monitoring implemented as it gives them a consistent measurement of their performance that they are able to see every day.  With a manufacturing monitoring system like ShiftWorx™ MES, operators are empowered and engaged when they are able to view and understand their performance metrics in a real-time feed.

FreePoint Technologies is dedicated to helping manufacturing companies improve their bottom line, improve employee engagement, and bring modern technology to the plant floor.  Through the power of the internet and our patented technology, we are able to connect to any machine or any process, giving you the tools you need to keep your manufacturing facility going strong, and continuously improving!


looking to engage your employees book a demonstration white text blue background rounded edges freepoint technologies


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Top 3 Questions Asked About Manufacturing Monitoring

Manufacturing monitoring, what are the most frequently asked questions?  Over-time FreePoint has observed the top 3 questions about this topic we wish to highlight today, along with the answers!


Question #1

Can ShiftWorx™ MES Connect with ERP, MRP or Other Business Systems?

Absolutely!  Machine and process data is stored in common, open and easily accessible data formats, making it easy to connect the data from ShiftWorx™ MES to any other systems, or to import data from other systems into ShiftWorx™ MES.  Utilizing our powerful API tool your machine and process data is accessible across different systems enabling you to send the data across the various platforms and programs within your organization.

Question #2

What do Operators on the Shop Floor Think of Manufacturing Monitoring; is this More of “Big Brother” Watching?

Most of the operators and employees on the shop floor know that they are being measured, however, they are not aware of their ‘score’ according to their supervisors.  From our experience many of the employees feel that the current metrics by which they are being measured are not the true measurement of their efforts and contribution.  With a manufacturing monitoring system like ShiftWorx™ MES, operators are empowered and engaged when they are able to view their performance metrics in a real-time feed.

In fact, employees are empowered by self-measurement, meaning they personally account for the speed and quality of their tasks before a supervisor needs to interject.  Self-measurement also empowers team members to identify and solve problems quickly as they happen; and if needed, the help of a supervisor is quickly available at the touch of an Andon button on the operator touchscreen that can raise an alarm, display an alert on a shop floor screen, or send an email or text notification to expedite the solution.

Question #3

Should We Implement Manufacturing Monitoring Now, or Wait Until After We Make Other Improvement Efforts or Investments?

Manufacturing monitoring should be implemented BEFORE making any other improvements or investments so the manufacturer can properly measure and benchmark the true beneficial effect of the changes planned.  Fortunately, ShiftWorx™ MES is an easy to deploy, cost-effective solution that enables manufacturers to establish an empirical baseline now, against which the benefit of all future changes and investments can be calculated.

Bonus Question

What Machines or Processes Can the Manufacturing Monitoring Solution Connect to?

Our patented technology cloud-connects ANY machine or process non-invasively.  In terms of machines, equipment or tools, regardless of the brand, type, complexity or age, ShiftWorx™ MES connects them all.

In Summary, ShiftWorx™ MES Affords You a Manufacturing Monitoring Solution that:

• Cloud-connects ANY machine or process.
• Increases shop floor productivity by 50% or more.
• Is rapidly deployed in less than 5 days.
• Achieves 30% decreased downtime.
• Achieves 20% improved employee engagement.
• Offers a fast ROI in less than 6 months.


Interested to learn more about manufacturing monitoring?  The FreePoint Team is here to help you; contact us to book your industry specific consultation and software demo today!

Click to read  ShiftWorx™ MES customer reviews at Capterra and GetApp:

manufacturing monitoring

manufacturing monitoring








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Top 4 Reasons You Need Custom Dashboards

Cut through the noise by drilling down to the metrics that matter most to your shop, and to your people with customizable dashboards. Regardless of title, anybody within your organization can have role-specific views that quickly communicate the data needed to drive continuous process improvement throughout your operation.

What are the Top 4 Reasons Custom Dashboards Benefit You?

  1. Showing the Right Data to The Right People

  2. Viewing Data from Across Your Organization

  3. Improving Decision Making

  4. Quickly Identifying Issues


1. Showing the Right Data to the Right People

Dashboards provide an easy way of visualizing actionable, impactful insights into your process. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, custom dashboards empower you to:

  • Create role-specific views for managers, supervisors, operators, team leads, etc.
  • Display the data that’s most important to your users
  • Customize your solution in a way that best suits your organization and your role

Customize ShiftWorx™ MES dashboards and shop floor monitors to display the data that’s vital to your continuous improvement initiatives.

By displaying metrics relevant to specific roles, employees within those roles can quickly and easily drill down to the data they need. Without the unnecessary complexity, manufacturers can react faster to issues on the shop floor while identifying areas of improvement within their control.

machine monitoring and downtime narration

ShiftWorx™ MES is accessible from any device using any web browser.


2. Viewing Data from Across Your Organization

You can also leverage custom dashboards to enhance operational visibility. Integrating your ShiftWorx solution with other systems, such as ERP, gives you all the metrics that matter most to you in one convenient location. In addition, by displaying ERP, MES, QEP or CRM data alongside production data, you get the full picture of what’s happening in your shop – with no blind spots!


3. Improving Decision Making

With intuitive, role-specific views providing real-time insight into your operation, managers and operators alike gain a 360° view of the processes that matter most in their organization. Deeper insight facilitates more informed and educated operational decisions while displaying relevant, actionable data to the individuals who can make a difference right away.



4. Quickly Identifying Issues

Every manufacturer is different, so it makes sense that their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) would be as well. As opposed to their off-the-shelf counterparts, customizable dashboards give you the power to view the information you need to quickly identify production issues.

Create and Display Your Own KPI’s that Reflect:

  • Machine Uptime/Downtime

  • Scrap/Waste

  • Production Performance


Experience the Benefits of Custom Dashboards

In manufacturing, a few minutes of downtime can result in massive revenue losses for the shop. By giving the right people the right information as they need it, staff can respond faster and with more accuracy when addressing production issues on the floor.


To explore what customization options are available in the ShiftWorx™ MES
platform specific to your industry schedule a demo with us today.

Click to read  ShiftWorx™ MES customer reviews at Capterra and GetApp:

custom dashboards

custom dashboards

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See FreePoint and CIMx at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Attend the Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2022 Tradeshow in Grand Rapids MI, at the DeVos Place August 11-12, 2022.

See FreePoint Technologies and its Partner CIMx Software in the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center Pavilion – The Smart Technology Zone!

Advanced Manufacturing Expo

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FreePoint Joins BC FOOD & BEVERAGE

FreePoint has the right ingredients for Food & Beverage Manufacturers to GROW, and we’re proud to bring the ShiftWorx™ MES solution to the members of the BC FOOD & BEVERAGE Association.

bc food & beverage

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See Us at the Furniture Manufacturing Expo with TexTempo


Bringing Together Suppliers and Manufacturers of Home Furnishings.

Meet the TexTempo and FreePoint Team this Wednesday, July 20 and 21 in Hickory, North Carolina at the Hickory Metro Convention Center BOOTH 1514:

furniture manufacturing expo

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LEADING FOR SUCCESS: Empowering the Right People to Build Your Business


More Manufacturing Industry Insight from Paul Hogendoorn, FreePoint Technologies Founder:

“..I’m continuing the top 10 tips gleaned from successful companies and leaders that I’ve worked with over my 40-year career.  Although the two tips shared in this column are very similar and intricately related, they are also critically distinct.”
~Paul Hogendoorn, Founder

“If you want something important done, ask a busy person.”

A colleague on a church board once said to me many years ago, when the two of us were assigned a task, “If you want to get something important done, ask a busy person.”

Here’s why that’s a great tip for a manufacturing setting.  Truly busy people in manufacturing have a knack for getting things done.  They are not looking to put new things on their list but instead are trying to find the quickest way to get an item off their list.  Yes, there are people in manufacturing that know how to make themselves busy or keep themselves busy, but successful company leaders innately know the difference between routinely busy people and truly busy people that get things done.  How do I know this is true?  Easy.  A task that is critical and needs to get done seldom gets assigned to a person with a track record of managing never-ending projects that seem to go on.  They get assigned to people trusted to deliver an outcome.  Without even deliberately knowing they delegate tasks in this way, they do.

Truly busy people know how to delegate, when to stay out of the way and when to roll up their sleeves and just do it themselves.  Their focus is on getting the important tasks done and making themselves less busy.  Routinely busy people are looking to remain busy, and often without knowing they are doing it, they keep tasks open and keep themselves positioned as a critical communications conduit.  They resist closing the task out to get assigned another task, or worse (in their minds), have no important task assigned to them.  Truly busy people don’t have this aversion, because as soon as they have any bandwidth at all, other important tasks are assigned (or reassigned) to them.  What I’ve observed over the last four decades is that most progressive company and department leaders already instinctively know this.  They just aren’t aware of it.  The key is to not burn out your truly busy people.  Instead, let them graduate up the ranks as they succeed, confident that there is another high-achieving candidate ready to follow their lead and fill their shoes.

Successful manufacturers build on the people that take them forward.  As they empower, enable and grow the people, they build their businesses.  The company’s culture encourages its people to imagine, plan and persist on finding ways to move forward.

“Leaders find a way.”

The second tip comes from someone I was also on a board with.  We faced many challenging situations together.  His closing mantra was “leaders find a way”.  And indeed, they do.  The leader is not the person with the position or title, or the education, or the letters behind their name.  The leader is simply the person that finds a way when others don’t or can’t.  In all of our workplaces, there are many people that can point out the reasons why something can’t get done.  In fact, we often admire, empower, and even promote individuals that have great abilities to foresee or articulate problems that others can’t see.  But how does that get a company ahead?

At best, it keeps the company from going backwards – It doesn’t pull the company forward.  Many managers are to some degree inclined to keep companies from going backwards, but leaders are more often inclined to find a way forward. There are leaders in every organization, in roles up and down the org chart.  In the most successful organizations I have come across, the people that find a way (leaders) are supported, encouraged and appreciated.  In less successful organizations, the folks that have a knack for finding a way become discouraged and move on.  A leader’s true role is to develop new leaders.  A successful company’s culture fosters and encourages people to imagine, plan and persist on finding ways to move forward.

This is a key differentiator that I’ve observed that sets successful thriving manufacturers apart.  They build on the people that take them forward.  As they empower, enable and grow those people, they build their businesses.

Who are those people in your organization – the ones that find a way and get things done?  Are you building on them?

Paul Hogendoorn co-founded FreePoint Technologies with the goal of giving manufacturers the benefit of information technologies that inform, empower and motivate their most critical asset – their people.

Access Paul’s full series of Leading For Success: Tips in Manufacturing Automation Magazine here: https://www.automationmag.com/author/paul-hogendoorn/


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