Notifications Product Released

Improvements To Productivity By Minimizing Downtime With FreePoint’s Notifications

FreePoint’s Notifications product uses the ShiftWorx platform to send out alert messages by e-mail or SMS text message when a specific machine condition has been met. These conditions are typically when a machine is off or not performing as expected.

Custom alerts can be set up quickly for multiple shifts, machine conditions and specific machines within the plant floor.

• A machine’s input is ON/OFF for a specific number of minutes or hours

• A machine input has counts higher than or lower than a target number per minute or hour

• A machine’s total count exceeds a limit value, starting from whenever the alert was turned on

• When an alert is triggered because a machine has met the criteria for being “off”, a follow up alert can be triggered when the machine resumes normal state

Notifications can send alerts to your team either through text message or e-mail, see an example of each below:

An example of Notifications alert sent by e-mail and SMS text message.

Are you a current customer and want to try Notifications?

Simply log in to your dashboard at Within Dashboard access Administration > Product Subscriptions to activate your product trial. A Quick Start Guide is available within the Support Center.

Are you a new customer and want to learn more about Notifications? Email us at or call 1-800-682-0486 to learn more.

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