FreePoint Attends Microsoft VOX ISM Event

FreePoint Presents: The Microsoft Dynamics Solid Gold Event

FreePoint Technologies is excited to be presenting at the fall Vox ISM seminar in Mississauga at Microsoft Canada HQ.

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Six Ways Machine Monitoring Can Save You Money Today

In every manufacturing process, there are two elements; value, and non-value. Both cost time and money, but only one will yield returns. Machine monitoring systems connected to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology is the best way to capitalize on value-added processes.

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Simple Reporting Systems Collect Valuable Data from Your Legacy Machines

Machines built 20-years ago were built to withstand decades of use. They are the core of many factories, but these machines also hinder your ability to compete, increase profitability and scale your operations to new heights. The problem with legacy equipment is that they were engineered in an era where access to real-time reports didn’t exist, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were impossible to obtain on machines.

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FreePoint Senior VP John Traynor Interviewed By Stock News Now

Recently, our Senior Vice President,  John Traynor was interviewed by Stock News Now at the CSE in Vancouver, British Columbia.  In this interview, John is asked about the establishment of FreePoint Technologies and how with real-time data collection software, we are making a positive measurable impact on the manufacturing floor worldwide.

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Randy McDonald joins FreePoint Technologies

We are thrilled to announce that Randy McDonald has joined FreePoint Technologies.

Randy has 30 years of experience in machining, fabrication, and manufacturing from the plant floor to general management. Having been certified as a Certified Manufacturing Sales Engineer (CMTSE), he has an understanding of machine design and control systems along with manufacturing processes. For the past six years, Randy has been deeply engaged in the evolution of digital machine monitoring. He believes that this need not be a complicated process. His mantra is to “Make Every Minute Accountable.”

Randy offers a consultative approach to each project. His process is to first understand each company’s specific priorities; then to assist in defining the needs; and plan and oversee the implementation cycle as well as the stabilization, and validation of targeted ROI.

FreePoint is excited to have Randy on board at this critical point in our company’s history – and its future. Randy will assist FreePoint in sales throughout the GTA as well as the development of the sales and marketing plan in North America.

You can view Randy’s LinkedIn Profile here.

The 5 Most Popular Content Pieces of 2017

2017 marked another successful year at FreePoint Technologies Inc. Specifically, we wrote more content than we ever had before! We wrote on industry topics such as Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing and big data. We explored ways to attract millennials to manufacturing, how to improve employee production and gamification.

Our goal in creating this content is to inform you, our readers, on trending manufacturing topics, machine monitoring, and employee engagement. Our hope is that you find this information engaging, informative and practical.

In 2018, we look forward to creating even more content, focused on helping you improve your manufacturing facility.

Here is the list of the top 5 posts of 2017, measured by page views:

5. What is IIOT and What Role Does it Play in Manufacturing

4. Top 3 Benefits of Machine Monitoring

3. How Machine Monitoring Works

2. Industry 4.0 – The Modern Industrial Revolution

1. Top Manufacturing Trends To Watch For In 2018

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Now Hiring Director Of Sales & Marketing

Job Description

The Director of Sales & Marketing will devise and manage our sales opportunities and implement strategic plans to execute with a focus on growth.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Having a thorough understanding of our products and services in relation to any applicable target market
  • Developing key growth sales strategies, tactics and action plans to achieve financial targets
  • Identify customer trends and opportunities with our large key accounts
  • Explore and pursue strategic partnerships both locally and internationally


  • Proven sales executive experience
  • Ability to communicate, present and influence all levels of the organization, including executive and entry level
  • Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close

Work Environment

While performing the duties of this job, this role entails being exposed to a dynamic and fast paced work environment. As a growing company, there is ongoing organizational structure and departmentalization.

Please send your cover letter and resume to

What Makes FreePoint Technologies Unique?

Just like any other product or service, there are multiple companies that provide machine monitoring solutions which provide a way for manufacturers to track machine outputs. However, just like with any other product or service, not all solutions are created equal. FreePoint Technologies has been able to consistently beat out competitors by providing technology that can connect to any machine, deploy in a single day, and costs less.

In this blog, we are taking the opportunity to highlight the areas that make FreePoint Technologies unique and why we are continually being selected as manufacturers’ preferred machine monitoring solution.metal case freepoint solutions phillips screw heads mounting holes grey and white gradient background i/o freepoint technologies

1. The Ability to Connect to Any Machine

Our patent-pending technology allows us to connect simply and non-invasively with all machines, regardless of brand, type, complexity or age. Along with the 1914 Vertical mill we have connected to the internet, here is a sample of several of the machines we’ve connected so far:

  • CNC Routers
  • Sands
  • Grinders
  • Clampers
  • Lathes
  • Mills
  • Saws

The simple notion of connecting to any machine gives us a huge advantage over competitors that are limited to only being able to connect to new/specific machines. What does this mean for our customers? They don’t have to wait to purchase the newest machinery in order to start monitoring and improving their machining processes.

2. On-Premise or Cloud Stored Data

storage in the cloud freepoint technologiesWhen it comes to storing the data collected from the various machines, we give our clients two options; storing the data locally on their premise or storing it in the cloud. While both ways have different advantages, we make sure you are able to store and view the data the way you prefer.

Users can then access the information from various devices including their phones, tablets and computers. This makes it extremely easy to access your machines’ output information wherever you are.

3. Deploys in One Day

FreePoint Technologies is the only machine monitoring software that can be deployed in a single day. Installation of ShiftWorx takes around 3 hours per machine and immediately after it is installed, it starts collecting data. This provides tremendous value to our clients as the sooner they have key information from their machines, the sooner they can make better decisions based on that data.

4. Advanced Reporting

The reporting available from our machine monitoring software is simple to read, yet contains all the key information a machine operator would require. It features various reports on OEE, part count, downtime, job reports & more. All the information can be seen in real-time so operators and managers can quickly identify any issues that may arise.

5. Dedicated Team of Developers & Support 

Customer Support FreePoint TechnologiesWe have a team of 10 developers that continually work on creating new features for our software that better service our customers. We constantly take the feedback given from our clients and integrate their ideas into our updates. Our large development team also means that should support be required, we have the resources and manpower to fix the issue in an extremely timely manner.

6. 90-Day Trial Period

If all of the previously mentioned features didn’t convince you to use our machine monitoring software, our 90 day trial period should do the trick. For all new clients, we offer a risk-free trial period to try our software. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will refund your investment. As a testimony to our machine monitoring solution and the service we provide, as of this date, we have not issued a single refund.

To learn more about FreePoint Technologies or to schedule a call, email

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