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Six Ways Machine Monitoring Can Save You Money Today

In every manufacturing process, there are two elements; value, and non-value. Both cost time and money, but only one will yield returns. Machine monitoring systems connected to IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technology is the best way to capitalize on value-added processes.

Six Ways Machine Monitoring Can Save You Money Today

  1. Reduce Yield Loss.  Defects, operator error, and maintenance can all have a dramatic impact on your overall profitability. You can significantly reduce yield loss with activity data collection on every one of your machines. Even legacy equipment that’s 20+ years old can be fitted with modern machine monitoring tools, and it can usually be installed in less than 24 hours. freepoint technologies welding flash spark blog image
  2. Decrease Scrap Waste. Every plant has some degree of scrap waste, and it’s critical to analyze where your most substantial scrap costs might be. Typically, about 80% of the problem comes from 20% of your processes. Our innovative production processes help reduce the non-value-added time that is spent on scrap materials.
  3. Analyze value-add steps and eliminate the unnecessary ones.  What would if you could reduce what usually takes 60 minutes down to 45 minutes? You could be looking at a 25 percent decrease in labour costs, or in other words, an output increase of 25 percent.  Machine monitoring allows you to identify those unnecessary and streamline your operations. It requires no additional people or facilities, and you don’t need to replace legacy machines with costly new ones.
  4. Real-time Operator feedback. Using our ShiftWorx narrative feature in addition to raw data collection, operators can communicate equipment and production issues as they arise. Your operators will be more engaged in their work and be able to fill the blue bar to maximize their output in a day, all while giving you a more accurate depiction of each shift and where you are losing time.
  5. Connect to your plant from anywhere. Our machine monitoring tools are fully connected to the internet. A machine monitoring shiftworx live analysis about page imageplant manager can get production data from anywhere in the world delivered straight to their smartphone, tablet or computer. This interconnectivity is key to keeping management and floor staff informed to achieve the most productive output possible.
  6. Improve administrative functions.  Estimating, scheduling, production, shipping. Are these operations running as efficiently as they could be? Stopping production because of scheduling errors has a considerable impact on your bottom line. Our technology gives you a 360 degree few of your plant operations and can be integrated with supply-chain and manufacturing assets to ensure every aspect of your plant is running optimally.

If you’re interested in processes that provide almost immediate cost savings, give you a competitive advantage, and offer valuable instant insight into your OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), you should consider machine monitoring. To learn more, contact us for a free demo today.

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