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Randy McDonald joins FreePoint Technologies

We are thrilled to announce that Randy McDonald has joined FreePoint Technologies.

Randy has 30 years of experience in machining, fabrication, and manufacturing from the plant floor to general management. Having been certified as a Certified Manufacturing Sales Engineer (CMTSE), he has an understanding of machine design and control systems along with manufacturing processes. For the past six years, Randy has been deeply engaged in the evolution of digital machine monitoring. He believes that this need not be a complicated process. His mantra is to “Make Every Minute Accountable.”

Randy offers a consultative approach to each project. His process is to first understand each company’s specific priorities; then to assist in defining the needs; and plan and oversee the implementation cycle as well as the stabilization, and validation of targeted ROI.

FreePoint is excited to have Randy on board at this critical point in our company’s history – and its future. Randy will assist FreePoint in sales throughout the GTA as well as the development of the sales and marketing plan in North America.

You can view Randy’s LinkedIn Profile here.

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