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7 Ways IIoT Solutions Are Driving Manufacturing Success

Manufacturers and industrialists in every sector are on the threshold of significant change. Industry 4.0 is the newest industrial revolution. It represents the use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), automation, sensor technology, and other innovative solutions to streamline the production and distribution process.

IIoT solutions not only monitor but also automate many of the complex processes involved in manufacturing. While systems have been created in the past that track production progress, IIoT technology focuses on providing in-depth details to managers and staff. Here are seven compelling ways IIoT is transforming the industry today.

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization. Gain access to real-time supply chain information by trackingfreepoint technologies iiot solutions factory floor image workers sorting packages blog image materials, equipment, and products as they move through the supply chain. This data will enable manufacturers to forecast issues, reduces inventory and potentially minimize capital requirements.
  2. Increased Accuracy and Order Fulfillment. Inventory can be tracked and traced on a line-item level and with cross-channel visibility into inventories. Managers receive realistic estimates of available material, work in progress reports, and estimated arrival time of new materials.
  3. Predictive Reporting and Maintenance. IoT sensors installed on equipment provide condition-based maintenance alerts. This predictive maintenance helps identify equipment issues for early and proactive action, creating better functioning equipment that can conserve energy, reduce costs, eliminate machine downtime and increase operational efficiency.
  4. Mobile Access to Real-time Reporting. Cloud-based dashboards provide real-time access to operational data without having to travel great distances between operator and machines. Managers can access production data from anywhere using any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. By integrating mobile-based systems, manufacturers can shave weeks off their production time.
  5. Optimized Production Schedules. By gaining greater insight into machine operability and freepoint technologies iiot solutions factory storage piled boxes warehouse blog image.reducingdowntime, manufacturers can use IIoT to shorten production cycles, provide more timely responses to the supplier.
  6. Uncover Data from Legacy Machines. Any machine regardless of brand, type, complexity or age can be connected to the Industrial Internet of Things to gain greater insight into its operational data and optimize its output.
  7. Employee Engagement and Retention. IIoT solutions help provide employees with direct insight into the impact of their contributions using statistics to show them how much of their day is productive.

Choosing the Right Technology Partner

When implementing IIoT solutions, choose a technology partner who understands industrial automation and knows how to enhance the capabilities of cloud-based analytics in a factory setting, as well as address control-related issues. At FreePoint Technologies, our team will ensure your plant has everything it needs to meet these demands and more. Contact us to learn more today.

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