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OEE Tracking Software for Factory Efficiency

What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive. When your OEE score is at 100% it means you are manufacturing only good parts in the fastest time possible, with no downtime. Therefore, the OEE score comprises three measurements accordingly, Quality, Performance, and Availability. A 100% score of each is the manufacturer’s verification that their shop floor is operating at its peak productivity and efficiency.

Measuring OEE is a manufacturing best practice. ShiftWorx MES SaaS enables manufacturers of any size, with machines of any age or type to monitor and measure OEE. By measuring OEE and underlying losses like machine downtime you gain important insights on how to systematically improve your manufacturing processes. ShiftWorx OEE dashboards provide manufacturers the ultimate metric for identifying losses, benchmarking progress and improving the productivity of manufacturing equipment, i.e. lean manufacturing and the elimination of waste.

Diagnose Machine Downtime Symptoms

Production downtime tracking can be a valuable yet complex undertaking. FreePoint’s web-connected and factory-wide machine downtime tracking software makes it easy to connect your manufacturing to the IIoT. Maximize effectiveness and harness the full potential of your machines with ShiftWorx.

Quickly Install and Generate Machine Downtime Logs

Help your managers and operators monitor OEE using machine downtime logs and metrics on their display interface. Our color-coded machine downtime reporting methods aim for readability and a one-glance analysis, no matter how you present it. We make it easy to understand and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Connect and Monitor Any Machine, Regardless of Age/Type

Our sensor technology and machine monitoring software is so versatile, it can be adapted for any type of machine or process. Skeptical? Give us a call and we’ll prove it. Test our downtime tracking software free for 30 days!

Send Instant Alerts To Decision Makers

Get real-time notifications when ShiftWorx detects reduced productivity or downtime on a machine. Customize your machine downtime tracking report, specify user privileges, and determine how you want to receive notifications (SMS or email). Get everything you need to monitor the effectiveness of your equipment.

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Trust FreePoint for Equipment Downtime Tracking

Don’t listen to third-party vendors trying to sell you separate equipment and software solutions to track your factory’s downtime workflow. FreePoint integrates hardware, connectivity, and upkeep with information storage and data visualization. We give you the power to track manufacturing production downtime, and the tools your factory needs to thrive!





FreePoint makes it easy to schedule your free Downtime Tracking Software demonstration which includes a free presentation of our reporting capabilities including our universal machine connectivity. Explore the benefits of instant machine downtime tracking triggers, intuitive visual displays and real-time efficiency monitoring in your factory today.


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