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[Infographic] Top 10 Reasons It Is Great To Work In Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a great place to work. As an industry, it contributes significantly to Canada’s GDP, which brings wealth to the nation. It’s one of the largest sectors in North America, which means that manufacturing is here to stay; with careers that could span a lifetime and offer strong remuneration that could offer stability and a pension.

Manufacturing accounts for almost 11% of Canada’s GDP, bringing in, on average, $174 billion per year. Canada’s manufacturing industries export more than $354 billion in products per year, representing 68% of the entirety of Canada’s merchandise exports.

Manufacturing is strong: employing 1.7 million people in full-time, well-paid, quality jobs.

If you’re considering your career options after high-school, there are few industries that offer better career progression, pay-scale, and stability than manufacturing. If you’re great with your hands and a lover of technology, manufacturing offers you an exciting world of opportunity, while contributing something positive back to society.

Be the first to use the newest technologies, and become part of an industry that creates products that make everyone’s lives easier, more convenient, and more accessible.  

There are lots of reasons why it’s great to work in manufacturing. We’ve asked the people who work in the industry for their insights.

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