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FreePoint Is Featured In Manufacturing Automation Magazine!

FreePoint was recently honored to be featured in a double-page spread article in the March/April edition of Manufacturing Automation magazine. The article focuses on the many benefits that machine monitoring brings to companies who suffer from excessive downtime. It explores the increases in efficiencies that machine monitoring systems glean for companies that struggle to meet targets or demand and details the advantages of obtaining a clear overview of the factory floor, as well as the increased productivity margins that are almost instantly observed.

One of the common concerns about machine monitoring is the perception that it represents the acceptance of Big Brother into the workplace. Employees are, sometimes, concerned that this technology is there to monitor them, rather than the machines. It’s a natural concern, of course, but one that’s not substantiated by reality when applied to the workplace.

The article, Improvement Through Engagement, focuses on the installation of machine monitoring hardware and software for hot stamp die manufacturing business, Massiv Die-Form, who introduced the technology into their factories to overcome machine downtime and inefficiency problems they were experiencing within their processes. It examines the consultation process between FreePoint and Massiv Die-Form that help to ensure that the client receives a bespoke system that directly serves their immediate needs.

Jason Sultana, machine shop manager of Massiv Die-Form, explains how management went through a consultation process with their employees to ensure that concerns were met directly –

“When we switched to FreePoint, we made the transition about the employees, and about what they wanted to see. We made them understand that it wasn’t there to track their performance; but it’s there to help us, as management, make their job easier. And make their lives easier while they’re at work.”

Once installed, workforce and management alike discovered a flexible solution that enabled the operator to report downtime issues to management; reinforcing the importance of operator expertise. They recognized that they’d introduced a flexible solution to their manufacturing problems that benefited everyone; a more efficient workplace equals a more fruitful environment for everyone, after all.

The system – built to accommodate their needs directly – had been quickly installed and expeditious in helping them develop their scheduling processes, so that efficiency savings could rapidly be found, along with a tangible method of gauging improvement on the factory floor.

It’s a great read, and we’re very proud to have been featured. To read the full article, click here.

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