FreePoint, COVID-19 and You

To ensure the success of our clients during this difficult time, we have outlined various ways manufacturers can use ShiftWorx to mitigate some of the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on their day-to-day operations.

Some of our clients have administration staff working remotely – if that is the case for your company, there are several ways you can leverage ShiftWorx to mitigate the impact of their absence.

Remote Access to Your Dashboards

ShiftWorx is fully accessible through the web, nothing stops you from bringing up your ShiftWorx dashboards on your phone, tablet or home desktop computer—so you can keep up with exactly what’s happening on your shop floor, in real-time.

Viewing Your Downtime Data

For clients who have Downtime Narration as part of their ShiftWorx solution, accessing downtime data is just as easy as accessing your dashboard from home. By navigating to your Narrative View you can view, in real-time, what machines are down and why – so you can take immediate action.

ShiftWorx Notifications

By using the ShiftWorx Notifications module, you can have alerts sent directly to your phone or tablet, so you immediately know if any problems occur, regardless of where you are.

Stay in the Know with ShiftWorx Plus

With ShiftWorx Plus, you can stay up to date with everything in your shop by logging and reporting on metrics ranging from job, operator and scrap, to SKUs, work orders and more. Using our enhanced customization options, you can create custom, role-specific dashboards for your managers and supervisors; so everybody stays in the know, even from home. If you require any assistance getting set up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you are one of our clients who finds themselves working from home, now could be an ideal time to schedule your migration to the new ShiftWorx platform, complete your training – or both!

We’re Here

In times like these, it is important to us that we maintain open and transparent communication with our team, partners and clients. We are committed to the health, safety and continued success of both our customers and employees. With that in mind, we have adapted our business in a way that meets the needs of both.

FreePoint remains open for business but we are exercising appropriate caution. As such, many of our employees have seamlessly transitioned to a remote working environment. Our installers are still performing local installations, however due to travel restrictions, any international clients will need to self-install their ShiftWorx hardware. We have very detailed and helpful self-installation documentation and are ensuring our team is also available through video chat to answer your questions during self-installations.

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt around the world, we will keep you posted, monitor the situation closely and adjust our operations as needed to respond to any new developments. We wish you, your family and your community the best during this challenging time.

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