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Improving Productivity in a Wire Harness Shop by 50%

About the Client

As an industry leading provider of custom, quality electrical wire and cable solutions, Excel Connection manufactures a range of products including cable assemblies, wire harnesses, lead wires, ribbon cables, coaxial cables, power cables, fiber optics, electro-mechanical panels and more.

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The Challenge

As many manufacturers do, Excel faces the challenge of frequent set-ups for multiple customers with many different products. Prior to implementing their FreePoint solution, some jobs required up to an hour of preparation before the machines could be productive. Operators spent time finding wiring and other materials that were placed in hard to reach areas, helping others, waiting for a lead hand to set up, or waiting for instructions.

In other words, people were usually busy, but not always productive.

The Solution

After implementing ShiftWorx, Excel experienced a significant decrease in machine downtime which considerably increased their capacity on critical processing machines, as well as improved employee engagement overall.

Having production data visualized in front of them, employees became more efficient and productive. The live dashboards on display created a more engaging, gamified and competitive culture on the shop floor, encouraging operators to keep their machine running, with bonuses now planned as a further incentive for top performers.

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Excel Connection Machine Monitoring FreePoint Technologies

The Outcome

With real-time data providing deeper process insights, Excel could identify bottlenecks in their process that contributed to unplanned downtime. Less time was spent unproductively and more time was spent on production.

Productivity for their critical cutting machines increased 40%, and on their bottle neck process, it increased 60%.

Overall, Excel managed to reclaim hours of lost daily production time, which in turn increased their overall production capacity by 50%. With ShiftWorx’s Downtime Narration Module, Excel generates downtime reports to analyze their data and see what other impactful process changes they can make in the future!

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Improved Engagement & Corporate Culture

Live dashboards created a more engaging, gamified and competitive culture on the shop floor.

Production Capacity Increased by 50%

Excel reclaimed hours of lost production time, resulting in a 50% increase of overall production capacity.

Significantly Reduced Machine Downtime

Excel experienced a significant decrease in machine downtime which significantly increased their production capacity.

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