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Increase Productivity & Engagement.

The Narrative application uses ShiftWorx/WatchLive to engage operators to tell a richer story. Narrative enables the operator to ‘Narrate’ machine performance by providing additional insight using Reason Codes to explain machine uptime and downtime. This additional information leads to richer reports, and deeper insight into the manufacturing process – highlighting any production challenges that emerged. Use Narrative to generate reports for reason codes, downtime/uptime, and shifts.


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Anyone who has ever worked in production will know the frustration of having an idle machine, through no fault of their own. Using ShiftWorx’s narrative feature, employees can fill in the details to complete the reports. For example: “waiting on materials”, “waiting on repairs”, et cetera, would be common examples of feedback related to downtime.

Deeper insights into manufacturing process

Encourage operator input

Custom downtime codes

Give your employees a voice in helping reduce machine downtime!

FreePoint Technologies Narrative Reporting

Narrative activity reports are built and customized by machine (or group), shift, time period, or metric (uptime, cycles, etc.)

Engage Employees & Improve Productivity

Downtime reason information is incredibly valuable for plant managers striving for seamless production, but it is also very motivating for the employees. For example, when one individual can see that others are being delayed as a result of their problem, that person is much more likely to resolve the issue at a faster pace. In turn, when a person can see their work is assisting others to be more productive, they feel the motivation to keep going!

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