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ShiftWorx is the platform for all FreePoint applications. ShiftWorx allows the monitoring and analysis of production and operations through additional applications.

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CellMonitor is the software that receives data from sensors and FreePoint transmitters and sends it to ShiftWorx so you can measure, analyze, and share information about each machine.

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WatchLive monitors each configured machine’s input in your plant and facilitates the painting of the line blue. It also enables you to create reports, summaries and track key performance indicators for each machine. WatchLive runs on the ShiftWorx platform within the cloud and is accessible using a web browser.

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The Narrative application uses WatchLive to engage the operator on their machine or at their workstation to tell a richer story of machine activity. The operator uses the Narrative Module to Narrate on machine performance by providing additional insight using Reason Codes that explain machine uptime and downtime. Reporting capability for reason codes, downtime/uptime, and shift reports are also available.

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Notifications uses the ShiftWorx platform to enable messages by email or (SMS) text messages when specific criteria are met. These conditions are typically used to identify when a machine is due for preventative maintenance, the machine is off, or not performing as expected.

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Scheduler is a job management and scheduling tool that can be used to plan and track jobs from start to finish. Scheduler is in a preview state and not yet available to all users.

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