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5 Reasons You Need IIoT Technology In Your Factory Today

The business of manufacturing is rapidly evolving. Being coined the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, it’s all about retrieving big data that couldn’t be accessed before. By bringing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) into factories across the globe manufacturers can streamline production and push products to market faster. Are you ready to gain a competitive edge?

FreePoint Makes Adopting IIoT Affordable And Easy


Research conducted by IDC recently found that 66 percent of early IIoT adopters say it is now a critical advantage for their business, making it easy to understand why organizations want to access their untapped data. And the need for connectivity is felt throughout every department—from production lines to C-level suites. Each department has its own motivation for wanting to implement IIoT technology, but with a united purpose. In a connected factory, all departments can gain business intelligence, improve processes and manage factory assets better.


Get The Whole Story On Your Plant Floor In Detail, In A Snap!

  • Real-time machine monitoring allows you to tap into your factory from any device, anywhere. By connecting all the machines on your plant floor to one simple dashboard, everyone can quickly see the pulse of the plant with easy-to-understand colour coded graphs and stats.
  • Downtime tracking provides insight into machine health and helps operators and maintenance crews diagnose issues, prevent machines from breaking down, and mitigate any downtime even before emerging problems occur.
  • Machine tracking sensors feed KPIs (key performance indicators) related to OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) to remote monitoring applications that are securely accessed by all employees for greater troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Understand machine performance issues by retrieving operational data earlier in the process so mistakes to be identified and handled faster and more efficiently than they would have been in the past—saving both time and money.
  • Connect the backbone of your factory with new technology. Connecting legacy machines to monitoring software gives you better insight into how older equipment is performing and allows older machines to work in conjunction with your newer ones.


If you’re looking to boost productivity, IIoT can’t be overlooked. Industry 4.0 is introducing massive improvements to manufacturing processes and now is the time to prepare for these changes by investing in the right IIoT system. Are you ready to unleash the advantages of big data for your organization?

At FreePoint Technologies, we can get your factory fully connected anywhere in the world, often within 24 hours. To learn more, contact us today.

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