ShiftWorx API

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Revolutionary Connectivity

The ShiftWorx API is a powerful tool that allows your machine and process data to be accessible across different systems. We enable you to send data across the various platforms and programs within your organization, including:

  • Enterprise Resource Planners (ERP’s)
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES’s)
  • Material Requirements Planners (MRP’s)
FreePoint API Custom Software



Create personalized key performance indicators that give you and your operators a more comprehensive view of the shop floor.


Use ShiftWorx to improve the accuracy and consistency of your data by integrating your separate systems in a way that allows them to communicate with one another.


Obtain data and insights about your corporate structure. Access data from different machines, departments and organizational levels.

Data That Works The Way You Do

We know every manufacturer operates a little bit differently. Our API gives manufacturers the flexibility to have a system that works the way they do, easily and intuitively.

  • Get Distinct On/Off States For All Your FreePoint Connections
  • Obtain Information About Your Corporate Structure
  • Create Personalized Metrics for Production, Efficiency & More
FreePoint Technologies Narrative Application

FreePoint Technologies Narrative Reporting

Superior Accessibility

Efficient data retrieval and access is vital within any manufacturing environment. The ShiftWorx API gives you that accessibility. Whether you are in the office or on the go, access your data on your own terms – when, and where you want to.

  • Improve Compliance
  • Enhance Data Accuracy
  • Monitor Your Supply Chain

We want to help you do more with your data.

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