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About the Client

Our client supplies products, engineering, and support services to the global aerospace and defense industry. They also manufacture structural and electronic components and subassemblies for a various aircraft while providing engineering and program management services to several United States government agencies as well as NASA.

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The Challenge

Clean rooms are utilized for certain critical aspects of production. Because the process required entry and exiting of the clean room, the challenge lied in quickly communicating from inside the clean room that assistance is required from specific resources such as:

  • Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Materials etc.

Before our custom solution, the operator inside needed to exit the clean room, find the required resource, then, 2 people would re-enter the clean room. Paper logs made it difficult to understand in a timely and accurate manner, the impact of these types of unscheduled resource requirements.

The process was time consuming and inefficient. 

The Solution

We customized our Notifications Module that sends emails and text messages to specific people based on specific actions in any machine monitoring application.  In this case, the “machine” is a custom box we created to call the resource via the Notifications module, as well as enable the responder to log the time it took to resolve the issue.

The operator can now call specific resources with the press of a button.  The button stays “on” until the resource arrives, at which point it turns off while simultaneously activating the response button.

It is now easy to contact the appropriate resource while the operator continues their work, thereby significantly increasing productivity. In addition, management and operators get accurate data on how long it takes to acquire resources, allowing them to create benchmark metrics.

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The Outcome

With our Notifications Module, operators spend much less time seeking out resources, and spend more time on performing value-adding tasks. Rather than having to leave the clean room to find a resource, the resource is now brought directly to them in a quick and efficient manner.

Using the ShiftWorx reporting modules to analyze the time to respond (TTR) and time to act (TTA) on each issue, operators fully understand the time spent for each type of resource required and further areas of improvement can be identified.


Improved Response Times

Resources outside of the clean room can now be requested with the click of a button rather than in-person.

Reduced Downtime by 50%

Operators are now able to request and obtain resources without having to leave the clean room.

Significantly Increased Productivity

More time is spent on value-adding activities as opposed to tracking down necessary resources.

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