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You Could be Eligible for a Grant up to $100,000

Reap the Benefits of Industry 4.0 for a Fraction of the Cost

Ontario’s Automotive Modernization Program

Industry 4.0 has never been more attainable for automotive manufacturers. Aimed at helping manufacturers adopt new technologies quickly, the new Ontario Automotive Modernization Program provides eligible manufacturers with a grant up to $100,000 to support purchases and projects that fall under one or both of these two categories:

  • Technology Adoption
  • Lean Manufacturing

“Whether you are looking to use machine monitoring, downtime tracking, or a customizable API – you could be eligible for a grant up to $100,000 . “

– Paul Hogendoorn, Founder & Chair of FreePoint Technologies

With our state-of-the-art data visualization software and extensive suite of machine monitoring solutions, you can begin your digital transformation while maintaining eligibility for government funding.

If you have been considering a FreePoint system in your plant, now is the time! The deadline for applications for round two is  October 7th, 2020.

You can confirm your grant eligibility here.

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