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ShiftWorx™ Top Feature Updates of 2021

ShiftWorx™ continues to evolve with numerous new features and improvements updated in 2021.  Register below and join us for a live demo, and question and answer period on Thursday, November 18th at 11am EST to learn more about what’s new!

See a demo and tutorial on ShiftWorx™ latest features including new manufacturing KPI dashboards that engage managers and operators alike with visualized data for at-a-glance confirmation of your shop floor performance.  Fully-customizable, choose from new colour coded  radial and linear gauges in addition to text displays.  Combine real-time machine activity, and wireless Andon visuals with detailed KPIs of downtime, uptime, as well as parts produced, and more!ShiftWorx Software

In this webinar we will be highlighting the Top ShiftWorx Software Feature Updates of 2021 including:

  • New Dashboard KPI Gauges – A new “Display Type” configuration option was added to KPIs to choose between just showing the value as text, as a radial gauge, or as a linear gauge.
  • New “Time Shift” Feature Button – A new feature called “Time Shift” was added that allows users to view their ShiftWorx layout data as they existed at any previous point in time.
  • New “Scrap by Scrap Type” Report – A new reporting type was added to ShiftWorx called “Scrap by Scrap Type”.  Now you can see a breakdown of scrap quantity by individual code.
  • New Custom Colors Added for Defining Operators – Learn how to define custom colours for operators. You can now specify the colour of an operator in the admin center; the colour will be displayed when Narrating using the Timeline panel as well as in Operator Reports.
  • New Cell Monitor Alert Notifications – Learn how to create a Cell Monitor Alert Notification to be informed if ShiftWorx connection is interrupted.
  • New Support Center Training Videos Added – Find the latest product training and demo videos right in the ShiftWorx Support Center (Playlist can also be viewed on YouTube).
  • Download the Software Update Overview PDF: ShiftWorx-Top-Software-Feature-Updates-of-2021.pdf

A question and answer period will be available for attendees after the demo.  Please register and a FreePoint team member will be in touch to provide you with the webinar meeting invite and link.


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