Injection Molding Machine Monitoring

For Reduced Machine Downtime

CNC Injection Moulding Analytics

The Injection moulding industry is the backbone of parts prototypes and manufacturing where precision and efficiency is crucial. Your whole business relies on creating quality engineered parts affordably and quickly while keeping your machines running with minimal downtime. Freepoint’s non-invasive machine monitoring and downtime tracking solutions are ideal for new and legacy injection moulding machines which encourages personnel to make smarter and faster productivity decisions.

Reduce Cycle Time

With downtime tracking, empower employees to work on reducing cycle times during an injection molding run. Keep track of historical cycles alongside your most recent production outputs. Use Freepoint’s colorized and intuitive data visualization to zero in on the performance of every machine.

Minimize Assembly

Collect invaluable information on maintenance schedules and machine health to ensure every design run guarantees minimal assembly for your clients. Reducing assembly design and machine redirections through monitoring will help your business save on massive labor and production costs year after year.

Make The Changes That Count

Every manufacturer knows that the smallest factory metrics often have major effects on production. Stay ahead of major inefficiencies like machine maintenance and implement the small changes that constantly evade detection with our injection molding machine monitoring solutions.

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