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Do More With Your Data

Custom software arms you with the tools and insights you need to make impactful changes to your process by enabling the seamless collection of, access to, and management of your organization’s data. Use custom software to take full advantage of the data at your fingertips by leveraging it to drive continuous quality and process improvements throughout your organization.

With real-time data visibility, you can:

  • Increase Quality
  • Streamline Processes
  • Enhance Compliance Tracking
  • Improve Job Scheduling
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Constantly Improve & Optimize Your Shop Floor


Silos occur when information is left inaccessible to data tools and other departments. Break down silos by integrating your data into one platform and gain a more comprehensive view of your organization.


 Automated data collection and  generation improves the integrity of your data by eliminating dual entry errors, increasing compliance and improving data tracking. Get more out of your machine data!


Real-time data in the palm of your hand gives you the insight you need to make informed decisions at any time or place. Get extraordinary flexibility with your information to better manage machines, or communicate with clients and staff.

360° Views of Your Data

We want to help you understand the story that your data is telling. Get powerful, real-time insight into your processes so you can make actionable improvements. Leverage your data to enhance compliance tracking, scheduling, quality control and more. Custom software has never been more attainable!

Get the most out of your machines by taking full advantage of your data.

custom modules

Software That Works The Way You Do

Custom software gives you unparalleled flexibility and versatility. We’ll seamlessly integrate your custom system with your current processes and programs, giving you simple to use and consistently reliable software. With customizable, modular design, you can add or remove features as needed and integrate with any system you choose.

Want software that works the way you do? We’ll help turn your vision into reality.

Get More Insight From Your Machine Data

Unlock your full potential with more insight from your machine data through our API integration. We are allowing manufacturers to leverage their organizational data in new and unique ways with enhanced flexibility for configuration and customization of their IIoT solutions. Letting you connect external resources to our ShiftWorx platform, the API empowers you to access services outside of our user-interface.

  • Get processed data in real time for your machines & inputs
  • Generate personalized KPI’s, metrics, & machine activity bars
  • Automatically connect with MES, MRP, PLC, & ERP systems.
  • Create custom dashboards
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