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FreePoint Now Offers A Turnkey Wireless Andon System With Email & Text Functionality

FreePoint now offers manufacturers the opportunity to install a cost effective Wireless Andon Call station system for less than $1000 per call station!

A typical installation consists of a 3 lamp Call Station and LED mast, connected through our standard wireless device to a PC on the plant floor. The PC just needs to be running Windows 7 or newer, and have an internet connection.

From there, FreePoint’s ShiftWorx Notification module does the rest!

In the featured image above: a 3 button call station with a FreePoint 4i smart device, MS1 wireless communication master, a standard PC showing FreePoint’s ShiftWorx software, and cell phone showing a typical customer created dashboard.  

FreePoint’s standard ShiftWorx platform can track when call buttons are activated and canceled. Dashboards and displays can be easily created by the user and then displayed on any connected LCD screens, tablets or even cell phones. Alarm conditions can be set up by condition, by timer or by counter, with emails or text messages sent automatically to the appropriate people. It is also possible to create multiple alarms or alerts for the same input for automatic alarm escalation for of certain critical conditions.   

For more information on the new Wireless Andon Call system, please contact