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Top 3 Questions We Get Asked (With Answers)

At FreePoint, we often get asked a variety of questions surrounding our machine monitoring solution. Over time, we’ve noticed the top 3 questions asked most frequently are:

Question #1

Can we connect with ERPs and other data systems?

Absolutely! Our data is stored in common, open and easily accessible data formats, making it easy to connect the FreePoint data to any other systems or to import data from other systems into FreePoint’s ShiftWorx system.

Question #2

What do operators and the people on the floor think of machine monitoring? (Is this more of “big brother” watching?)

Most of the operators and employees on the shop floor know that they are being measured, however, they aren’t aware of their ‘score’ according to their supervisors. From our experience, many of the employees feel that the current metrics by which they are being measured are not the true measurement of their efforts and contribution. With a machine monitoring system such as FreePoint, operators are empowered and engaged when they are able to view their performance metrics in a real-time feed.

Question #3

Should we implement machine monitoring now or wait until after we make other improvement efforts or investments?

Machine monitoring should be implemented BEFORE making any other improvements or investments so that you can properly measure the true beneficial effect of the changes you plan to do. The FreePoint system is an easy to deploy, cost-effective solution allowing you to establish an empirical baseline now, against which the benefit of all future changes and investments can be calculated.

Bonus Question

What machines can your machine monitoring solution connect to?

Our patent-pending technology can connect simply and noninvasively with all machines, regardless of brand, type, complexity or age.

There you have it! Answers to the top 3 questions we are asked here at FreePoint. Still need answers or have questions? Contact us here.

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