We’re Proud To Announce Steve Matheson Has Joined FreePoint Technologies!

Steve brings many years of experience as a technical sales person with key strengths in leadership, strategic thinking and problem solving, honed within high-pressure start-up and mid-level growth companies with multi-site and multi-national responsibilities.

When meeting with Steve, we asked. Why FreePoint Technologies? We loved his response:

As a technical sales person, I was looking for something new and exciting and that is surprisingly hard to find. I’ve been aware of IIoT in the heavy equipment and construction industry for 5 or 6 years and when I learned of FreePoint Technologies and their approach to IIoT in the manufacturing sector I felt I had found what I was looking for. When I came on board and met a few customers, saw how the product increases employee engagement and productivity, I became even more excited about the opportunity. FreePoint’s simple and effective approach to a seemingly complex issue is a breath of fresh air, providing real-time feedback to the people who can quickly make a difference is a game changer.

FreePoint is excited to have Steve on board at this critical point in our company’s history – and it’s future. Steve will assist FreePoint in sales throughout Ontario as well as the development of the sales and marketing plan in North America.

Check out his LinkedIn Profile!

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