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ShiftWorx™ software empowers your manufacturing organization to derive value from your processes by bringing visibility to business-changing data.


  • MONITORS PROCESSES – See examples of live data from CNC, cutting, and stamping machines in operation.
  • VISUALIZES DATA – Manufacturing KPI dashboards display real-time shop floor performance that engages workers.
  • INCREASES PRODUCTION CAPACITY – See reports and analytics that lead to 50% or more increased productivity.
  • ENGAGES YOUR WORKFORCE – Learn how managers and workers alike benefit with live data, notifications and wireless Andon alerts.


Smart technology and IIoT is rapidly changing the landscape of the manufacturing industry. Regardless of the ages or types of machines you have in your shop, our non-invasive installation typically takes no more than 24 hours – so you can start generating data immediately. FreePoint proudly provides manufacturers with the resources they need to compete and thrive.

Embrace the connected industrial future and realize the power of complete integration, in all levels of your organization.

Are you ready to unleash the power of big data insights?

ShiftWorx Software

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