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Shop Floor Data Collection Is Crucial For Improving Productivity

FreePoint’s data collection software gives you a range of tools and improved shop floor monitoring techniques to improve your production. Our non-invasive and universal machine connectivity starts monitoring & collecting shop-floor data instantly. Start leveraging key metrics like OEE and equipment performance to help mitigate bottlenecks and machine downtime.

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Monitor Every Machine On Your Shop Floor.
Just Plug It In.

Your Shop Floor Deserves A Boost From Big Data

Learn about all the advantages and features of FreePoint Shop Floor Monitoring, Data Collection and Downtime Tracking Technology

Real-time Data Visualization Dashboards

Beam the data from every machine on your shop floor to monitors, workstations and mobile devices anywhere your workers need it. Intuitive visuals and simple animations make it easy for anyone to check on performance.

Reduce Downtime With Shop Floor Monitoring

Workers instantly spot and rectify downtime issues from a dashboard interface at their workstation or on mobile devices at their convenience. Gain an immediate advantage from shop floor metrics instantly generated from real-time data.

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Motivate Employees Factory Wide

Accountability and goal setting can become a collaborative activity across your shop floor. Set up goals that can be tracked from worker terminals or dashboards across your factory. Everyone can play the game of productivity with Freepoint!

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Data Collection & Shop Floor Monitoring Has Never Been Easier

Using FreePoint’s real-time shop monitoring solutions your operators can get the information they need when they need it. Our charts are generated quickly and in colorful formats that anyone from management to operations can interperet.

FreePoint is a great team to work with! Paul has a passion for manufacturing and the people he works with.

Paul and his team have been excellent to work with. We have their system installed on all our CNC machines, and it is a considerable benefit to our company, and significantly improves our systems and process on a continual basis.

Great team of people producing a great product, and servicing it well. Excellent company to work with and the product is fantastic.

I have been involved with FreePoint in one way or another since its inception. Very forward thinking folks, with a genuine interest in the growth and prosperity of the North American Manufacturing Sector. The technology and product they offer is top notch, a great solution for machine monitoring in today’s manufacturing environment.





Freepoint makes it easy to schedule your free Shop Floor Monitoring demonstration which includes a free presentation of our reporting capabilities including our universal machine connectivity. Explore the benefits of instant machine downtime tracking triggers, intuitive visual displays and real-time efficiency monitoring in your factory anywhere in the world, today!


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