ShiftWorx is FreePoint’s cloud-based platform for all applications. ShiftWorx allows the monitoring and analysis of production and operations data through applications such as WatchLive and Narrative. ShiftWorx empowers manufacturers to measure, analyze and share production information within the cloud.

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Measure Uptime and Downtime – Simply

ShiftWorx works in combination with our machine monitoring hardware to visualize machine performance details in a simple and easy to use dashboard. ShiftWorx displays value-adding and non-value adding activity, inputs, KPI’s and is the first step to engaging operators and increasing productivity.

WatchLive Screen displayed on a Television

The Simple ShiftWorx Dashboard

Simple, easy to understand dashboard

KPIs to measure productivity

Downtime tracking with reason codes

This monitoring and visualization tool can have DOUBLE DIGIT improvement on productivity alone!

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Great team of people producing a great product, and servicing it well. Excellent company to work with, and the product is fantastic.

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