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CellMonitor is FreePoint’s application that is used to receive and collect data input signals from remote transmitters installed in machines within a factory location. CellMonitor facilitates communication between each machine and a Windows PC. This communication allows CellMonitor to collect data, save and transmit information to the cloud and enables manufacturers to measure, analyze and share production information for each machine.

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Connecting The Entire Shop Floor

Each machine will have their own FreePoint Remote Transmitter. These transmitters send signals wirelessly using 2.4 GHz Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) Radio bands that are recognized by the Master Receiver.

The Master Receiver connects to a Windows personal computer (PC) or laptop using a  USB Mini-B Cable to receive input signals from the Remote Transmitter. This data is transmitted to ShiftWorx in the cloud and enables factories to measure, analyze and share information about a machine.

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Connect Legacy Machines

Our patent pending system allows for manufacturers to FINALLY be able to extract the important data from ALL machines on the plant floor, instantly.

Downtime Tracking

Management and operators have an immediate visual understanding of machine performance with the added capability for operators to narrate unexpected downtime.

Improve Engagement & Productivity

Employees are provided with an engagement tool that encourages their participation, input, and feedback which has been proven to increase productivity.

Measure, Analyze, Share, Improve!

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