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FreePoint Connect – How Does it Work?

FreePoint Connect makes connecting machines of ANY age, brand, or type easy.  There are three (3) different ways to connect:

OPTION 1 – Connecting Through Kepware

Kepware is an industry leading industrial connectivity platform that can aggregate data from your machine controllers and PLC’s and send that data to FreePoint Connect.

OPTION 2 – Connecting Directly Through the Machine Controller or PLC

FreePoint Connect allows your machine to directly communicate with ShiftWorx through OPC-UA. This machine to machine communication protocol removes the need for any additional hardware to connect.

OPTION 3 – Connecting Through the FreePoint Remote Module (e.g. 4i)

Our “Black Boxes” provide non-invasive, secure, and reliable connections to any type or age of machine independent of machine PLC’s. Our The Remote Transmitter connects to a machine within the plant. It transmits signals wirelessly using 2.4 GHz Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) Radio bands that are recognized by the Master Receiver. The Master Receiver connects to an edge device (typically a Windows personal computer) using the provided USB Mini-B Cable and uses FreePoint Connect to receive input signals from the Remote Transmitter. FreePoint Connect enables communication between a machine within the plant and the edge device. It transmits information to the cloud and enables factories to measure, analyze and share information about a machine.

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