FreePoint Hardware

Our black box technology allows companies to measure and record granular production information right off the plant floor, from any machine, in real-time. Every remote product works the same way – by taking signals from the machine (either PLC or straight from source) and sending the data directly to a workable spreadsheet.
An appropriate remote unit is needed for each machine plus a Master Gateway unit which connects remotes to an accessible computer. Remote product units are listed below, according to operator needs.

Remote Products Digital Inputs Digital Outputs Analog Inputs Memory
FPT-4i 4 n/a n/a
FPT-4i5o 4 5 n/a
FPT-4iM 4 n/a n/a 4 GB
FPT-4i5oM 4 5 n/a 4 GB
FPT-8i 8 n/a n/a
FPT-8i5o 8 5 n/a
FPT-8iM 8 n/a n/a 4 GB
FPT-8i5oM 8 5 n/a 4 GB
FPT-12i 12 n/a n/a
FPT-12i5o 12 5 n/a
FPT-12iM 12 n/a n/a 4 GB
FPT-12i5oM 12 5 n/a 4 GB
FPT-16i 16 n/a n/a
FPT-16i5o 16 5 n/a
FPT-16iM 16 n/a n/a 4 GB
FPT-16i5oM 16 5 n/a 4 GB