May 10, 2015




By shifting the way you think about work.

ShiftWorx is FreePoint’s cost effective platform that lets you find the ‘actionable information’ in the data, and share it effectively with the people that can make a difference right away. It is available by subscription in one of 3 packages: Lite, Standard or Premium.


ShiftWorx Lite stores and organizes the data in an effective and easily accessible format, giving you the ability to create your own reports, and even your own apps. Your data is secure, and available from anywhere you happen to be.


ShiftWorks Standard stores and organizes your data, plus comes with a suite of tools and dashboards, to make it easy to engage all your people (managers, supervisors and operators) by sharing meaningful and actionable information with them in real time.


ShiftWorx Premium stores and organizes your data and comes with a suite of tools and dashboards, plus comes with the ability to execute ‘condition based events’, such as sending emails and texts to different team members upon identified conditions having occurred.

FreePoint machine monitoring dashboard