How We Do It

"Machine Wearables"


FreePoint’s patent pending technology connects simply and noninvasively with all machines, regardless of brand, type, complexity or age. We connect wirelessly with a PC located in your shop. All of your data remains on your computer, in your facility, and in a format that you can use in any way that you like.

FreePoint Datasheet
FreePoint analysis on laptop
FreePoint Technologies office

IIOT & Smart Manufacturing


From there, you can also connect with our remote server, giving you access to our analytic tools, our dashboard and report generators, and our information distribution tools. You can send information to any screen or tablet or cell phone easily; it’s your information, you can package it, send it, display it, or report it in whichever fashion you prefer. With FreePoint, you get to take full advantage of the power and low cost of information technology available today.

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